Week 28 to 33: Brisbane, Kingscliff and Byron Bay

During my trip up the east coast, I decided not to stop in Brisbane because I was under time pressure to get the the Whitsundays for my LTE course. As I flew back into Brisbane from Thailand I decided to spend a night there and catch up with a friend who was also there for a few days. I did some shopping and we went out for dinner and a few drinks that night. The next day I walked along the South Bank in Brisbane and went for a swim in the lagoon. I then said goodbye to my friend and got on the train back towards Kingscliff.

I spent the next few weeks trying but failing to stay busy while I applied for jobs in the Whitsunday’s. Unfortunately due to the time of year there was no jobs available. Luckily my old job at the cafe in Kingscliff took me back straight away so I could start saving for my next trip. After lots of research I decided this was going to be to Fiji.

The next few weeks went by fairly quickly, I worked 5 or 6 shifts most weeks, spending time surfing and at the beach in between. I also went to Byron Bay for a few days to meet up with Abby, who I met at the elephant sanctuary in Thailand. It was great to catch up, we went out both nights, got up early to watch the sunset over Cape Byron lighthouse and even fitted in time for some sunbathing. The last evening we were there we also walked along the beach and saw the most amazing sunset I’ve ever seen.

The following week it was my birthday, although I worked during the day, we went out for dinner. To celebrate my birthday me and my uncle Scott also did a skydive over Byron Bay! It was terrifying but really amazing and I’m so glad I did it. A few days later I was off to Fiji!


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