Week 34: Nadi and Robinson Crusoe Island, Fiji

Day 1: After a lot of last minute night before packing, I left for Fiji on Tuesday morning. The flight was only a few hours so I was soon touching down in Nadi. I caught a shuttle to my hostel, which was right on the beach! That evening I got chatting to an English girl called Sarah, who it turned out was on the same tour as me! We had dinner and a few drinks before heading to bed fairly early.

Day 2: The next day I got on the FeeJee Experience bus and met the rest of our tour group. Our first destination was Robinson Crusoe Island, a small island off the southwest coast of Fiji’s main Viti Levu Island. Our group was all in one dorm room, which was a long room on the second floor of a wooden hut containing 14 single beds. With a full day of activities planned we quickly got changed, then headed out for some snorkelling. This was slightly disappointing as the water wasn’t very clear and most of the coral we saw had been bleached, but we did see a sea snake so it wasn’t a completely wasted journey. We had lunch when we got back then watched one of the Fijian staff scale a coconut tree, which was followed by coconuts raining down on the beach, to be used for ‘coconut demonstration’. Some of the coconuts were cut open at the top so we could drink the water. Others were impaled on a stick so that the outer could be removed, leaving the hairy inside bit. After the water from these was removed, the inside flesh was scraped out and squeezed inside a leaf, which produces coconut milk. The remaining shell can be used as a cup, made into jewellery or even as a coconut bra. After this we went on a nature walk, where our guide pointed out various trees and their uses which ranged from building materials to medicines. Next on the list was ‘turtle viewing’ which turned out to actually be a Fijian jumping out from a hole in the sand covered by an old turtle shell and scaring the hell out of everyone. Crab racing was next, we all picked a number which corresponded to a crab, the hermit crabs were then tipped out of their water bottle house and raced to the outer finish line. The winners were then crowned by some cross dressing Fijians and sadly it was all over. After all that excitement we relaxed on the beach for an hour or so before we watched a traditional Fijian Kava ceremony. This is where people are welcomed into a community and Kava (a Fijian drink made out of ground up Kava root) is drank from a coconut shell. This was followed by dinner and a bonfire on the beach (plus beers of course!). Later on we watched a show which included lots of amazing Fijian traditional dancing (and lots of bum shaking) and a fire show at the end. The night ended with more beers and our group taking to the dance floor after the show. We even attempted (very poorly!) to do some Fijian dancing, bum shaking included.


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