Week 34: Pacific Harbour, Nasautoka and Nadi, Fiji

Day 3: We left Robinson Crusoe island the next day and travelled to the Pacific Harbour area of Viti Levu to Uprising beach resort. The places we’ve been staying are more hotels with dorm rooms than hostels, so have all been really nice, and this place was no exception. Located right on the beach with a private dorm room for our tour group. Our afternoon activity today was a rainforest hike to a waterfall. At the waterfall some of us took it in turns jumping from a 4 metre ledge into the deep water below. The water was so refreshing after walking through the rainforest and we all had a great time. That evening we had dinner then attended a Kava ceremony where we tried the kava (it tastes like dirty water) but I enjoyed learning about the Fijian culture anyway. That evening we had a few drinks and played pool (obviously the girls beat the boys!).

Day 4
: Today we travelled to Nasautoka village, a rural Fijian village. They held a Kava ceremony for us then we visited the local primary school where the children performed songs and dances for us. Part of the school was destroyed during the recent cyclone so most lessons are held in a tent provided by UNICEF. Many people are also still living in tents as their houses have not yet been rebuilt. Visiting the school was an amazing experience and left us all with massive smiles on our faces. What never ceases to amaze me about going places like that is how happy children are, even with so little. After lunch cooked by ladies in the village we went bamboo rafting and went for a swim in the river. That evening we stayed at Golden Point resort. Again we got lucky and had a dorm room to ourselves, this time we each had a double bed! We had dinner and some interesting cocktails, there were special cocktails called a tall Ian and a happy Sarah, so Sarah and Ian (who happens to be very tall) from our group, had to have one of these each! Ian also later on ordered a Fiji gold beer, but was brought a coconut filled with what appeared to be pure ethanol, we’re still not really sure what happened there. More Fijian dancing followed, including a solo performance from the very camp reception man in his leggings.

Day 5:
We didn’t leave until early afternoon on day 5 so spent the morning relaxing by the beach and snorkelling. Later on we left to head back to Nadi, to complete the loop around the island, stopping off at Sabeto hot springs and mud pools. We had a mud fight and covered ourselves in mud before jumping into a pool to rinse some of the mud off. This was a bit of a challenge in a pool also filled with mud! This bottom of the pool was also covered in a thick layer of sludge and leaves, which wasn’t so pleasant. After this we went into the hot springs then some of us had some massages. The massage wasn’t quite as relaxing as I’d hoped as the room was full of flies that kept landing all over us, but apart from that it was pretty good. We stayed in Nadi again that night, in the largest dorm I’ve stayed in so far (32 beds!). We also went out for dinner and to a local club to celebrate some people’s last night, as they have booked a shorter tour.



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