Week 35: Beachcomber Island, Fiji

Day 6: we got up early after a surprisingly good sleep, before boarding a bus to the port, then a boat to Beachcomber Island. The journey took around an hour, with amazing views of crystal clear blue sea and lots of tiny tropical island resorts. Our resort was just as amazing, we arrived and were greeted by the staff singing a Fijian welcome song. I thought the 32 bed dorm in Nadi was large until I saw the size of our dorm on Beachcomber! This dorm had 100 beds, separated down the middle for boys and girls, with some beds up high on a balcony and another partition in the main part of the building to break the space up a bit more. This made the dorm seem not quite so big and it was actually fairly easy to sleep in. The island is so tiny it didn’t take long to explore, we walked around the whole island in less than 10 minutes! After that we lay in the sun for a while and soon lunch was ready. After lunch we went snorkelling which was quite good, we saw lots of fish but the reef was too deep to be seen. During the afternoon most people caught up on some sleep, before reconvening down at the bar for happy hour. After dinner we had some more drinks to celebrate some more people’s last night, which included some shameless dancing to 90’s music. Some people also took part in another crab race, this time crabs (apparently from different countries but probably all from Fiji) were auctioned off before they were raced to determine who owned which one. Ferrari the hermit crab from Italy (who was owned by someone from our group) was victorious in the end. The prize was $100, which John from our group kindly used to buy us all drinks!

Day 7:
 this morning a few of us wanted to see the sunrise so got up just before half past 6 to catch it. Unfortunately the weather had other ideas, and it was too cloudy to see very much. Slightly disappointed, we went back to bed for a few hours. We got up for breakfast then some people went parasailing around the island. I couldn’t afford to do this at the time but I do wish I had because the photos they got of the island and surrounding reef were pretty amazing! Later than morning we discovered the island had its own mini golf course, so we spent a few hours playing this before lunch (the infamous 8th hole turned out the hardest, with nobody being able to pot the ball and eventually resorting to much frustration and pushing the golf ball round like we were playing hockey!). We spent the afternoon swimming and relaxing on the beach. We also had to say a sad goodbye to Sarah from our group who was leaving, and we waved her off from the beach as her boat left. That evening we got involved in the bars drinking games, organised by the dj who goes by the name of ‘mama’. She was an interesting character, being probably the least enthusiastic person I’d ever met whilst shouting instructions to drinking games, as well as Fiji’s take on the Macarena- the bula dance. After the games we enjoyed some shameless dancing to 90s classics, including but not limited to- the Macarena, Saturday night, we’re going to Ibiza and wannabe; some accompanied by the matching dance routine.


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