52 Weeks On: Round 2

It’s almost a year since my last blog post when I came back from travelling – time flies! Admittedly I had intended to keep posting but the summer and then uni got in the way and to be honest I just didn’t feel like I had much to write about anymore. However, one year of uni down and I’ve decided to start blogging again!

Why am I going to start blogging again you ask? Well, one of reasons is my new found abundance of free time, now I’ve finished my first year at Cardiff Uni. I’m planning to do some posts about that, probably some insights into student life in case anyone is wondering what I’ve actually been doing for the last 9 months or so, possibly also some tips and things I’ve learned from my first year.

Another reason I want to start blogging again, is that I’ve taken an interest in some new things recently and I really want to share some of this/try and educate some people on things they might not know, or might have some misconceptions about. I’m planning on posting about fitness, food, the environment and animal testing, and probably some other stuff that I’ve forgotten about at this moment. Obviously I’m no expert on any of these subjects, nor will I pretend to be, but I just wanted to share some things I’ve found out and learned recently. Feel free to completely ignore anything I say, but if I can influence any kind of positive change, no matter how minor, that would mean a lot to me. As they say, you never know if you don’t try.

I will also be doing some blogging about travelling, although not as much as before. This summer I am mostly going on family holidays (Spain, Cyprus and France), and I doubt I’ll write too much about these, because as fab and fun as they are, I think people would probably get a bit bored of hearing how I’ve been sunbathing at the beach every day. However, I am also going Island Hopping in Greece in September, so I will definitely be posting about that. Additionally, I’m hoping to cast my mind back to last year and write some travel tips, especially on solo travel because I’ve had quite a lot of people ask about that and I really want people to know it’s not as scary as it sounds!

So there you have it, a (not so brief) explanation about why I’m going to start blogging again, and also an introduction of sorts, to the slight change in direction of my blog. More to follow soon,

much love, Jemima X


Week 26 and 27: Thailand

Instead of my dad and his boyfriend Darryl coming to visit me in Australia, I met them halfway in Thailand. We both flew into Bangkok on Thursday and met at the airport, it was really great to see both of them after 6 months away. We spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool, before going to a sky bar for some cocktails, before dinner at the hotel and an early night as we were all tired from the journeys. The next day we did a boat tour around some of Bangkok. We met our crazy Thai guide, Nui at our hotel. She had called us a taxi and it turned out we had a lady taxi driver, which apparently in Bangkok is very rare. I’m not one to encourage stereotypes but she was a pretty terrible driver. Eventually our Thai guide had had enough and declared we would get the train the rest of the way. Eventually we got to the river where we boarded our little private boat. This turned out to be a great way to see Bangkok, we went to a street market, a few temples and an orchid garden, as well as stopping in between to have a delicious Thai lunch. Our Thai guide was hilarious and slightly eccentric so we were sad to say goodbye at the end of the your. That evening we got in a tuk tuk (we couldn’t not do that in Bangkok!) and were to a Thai fusion restaurant for dinner. We had some amazing cocktails and great food as well.

The next morning we left to fly to Phuket. We stayed one night at a very luxurious hotel (we even had our own little pool!), with a great view over the bay. The next day started our sailing tour around some of the islands. We had a great groups with a mixtures of English, Australia and a few other nationalities. We spent a very chilled few days ‘sailing’ (although disappointingly it was mostly motoring) around island in the Andaman sea, swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, sunbathing and beer drinking. As it was so hot we dragged our mattresses and bedding out from our cabins onto the deck and slept outside every night under the stars. I slept well even with the wind turning our sheets into flapping sails and fishing boats with noisy car engines whizzing past at 5am every day! The food on the boat cooked by our Thai chef was amazing. On our last night we left the boat and went in Railay for dinner. After dinner we went to a bar holding a Thai boxing match which was pretty cool to see. Our time in Thailand coincided with the Thai new year (Songkran), which involved the tradition of having large water fights. Some of the Thai staff at the bar started throwing water around which evolved into a massive water fight with everyone in the bar. We left a few hours later exhausted and soaking wet. It was hilarious and a night I definitely won’t forget any time soon.

We spent the last few days in Thailand on a small island called Ko Jum. It’s so small there are barely any cars, most people get around on scooters. We hired some so we didn’t feel left out and spent lots of time exploring the island. Despite losing a day to food poisoning, the island was a great place to spend the last few days, we even managed to gain a day by nearly messing up the day we meant to leave! We had lots of cocktails and some great food too, including lots of locally caught fish. On the last day we made our way back to Bankgok, flying from Krabi airport. We killed a few hours in the pool at Bangkok airport hotel before our flights, then said goodbye and headed our separate ways.